Exciting update!

To my followers on my original PlayWorth Blog; I apologise for my absence but I have been busy working on something very exciting… I am now a published children’s book author! My debut book ‘Born to Fly’ by H.J.Hurworth, is available to buy now on Amazon. It is all explained in my new bog post ‘How and why to raise a reader’ over on my new website http://www.HJHurworth.com, where the PlayWorth Blog will continue. I appreciate that you took the time to follow my original blog and I’d love it if you continued to do so over on my new website.

Born to Fly

Written and Illustrated by


Available now to buy on Amazon!

So thank you again for following me so far! Click HERE to go to my new website and to stay a PlayWorth Blog follower! See you over there!

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