Hi I’m Hannah Hurworth. I am a fully-qualified, experienced teacher specialising in the Early Years Foundation Stage, and mummy to three very energetic and curious children!

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Keeping young children busy, and not causing chaos, can be a challenge at times but it doesn’t need to be complicated. I know that in busy households (like mine!) activities for children need to be simple but effective, without the need for much preparation or expensive resources. Learning through play is my passion and I’d love to share with you how much they are learning through the simplest play ideas.

Young children are learning all the time, through every experience and every time they play. Their learning journey starts at home, so play is worth understanding.

All children develop at their own rate, and although the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum monitors progress by age-related guidance, it is only a guide and some children will benefit from activities aimed at older or younger children; depending on their individual needs, learning style and interests. PlayWorth is for all children of all abilities and needs...I speak from experience when I say that older siblings will definitely want to get involved!

Follow the PlayWorth blog for information, tips, and simple but fun ideas that you can use to help keep young children busy and learning through play.

Have fun playing!

Hannah Hurworth

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